For my future self

# Why

This is probably the 10th attempt at having my own blog platform. I usually set up all the technical bits and then forget about content. What is different now? I guess not much, I’m trying to come up with something for non-tech users to be able to set up their own content platform, but considering all the best practises that we tech folks know of.

I think Netlify, Vercel and alike are great platforms, for developers. What about the rest of the people? How to set up a website for them in today’s standards?

I have a couple of ideas to maybe tackle this problem. First, I think it would require a desktop app, all the initial set up should be handled then, including guidance on creating a git account (either in GitHub/Bitbucket/GitLab or a different git service that could provide API’s/webhooks)

# Why 2

I want to help people.

# Why 3

I want to publish random notes and comments of things I like.

Published in [personal] ⋅ 04 Sep 2020